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Origin Story

Abstract Therapie is a unique creation by Intuitive Coach Ryan Glassmoyer.  


Ryan learned she was intuitive while studying Language and Literature at the University of Washington in Seattle.  Recently recovered from heroin addiction at the ripe young age of 21, she returned to college and decided to study what she was naturally good at; analyzing stories.  Simultaneously, she joined Alcoholics Anonymous where her spiritual awakening began. The 11th Step in the 12-step work says to seek a Higher Power through prayer and meditation. Taking the steps seriously, Ryan accepted a friend’s invitation to go to a meditation party one evening.  At this gathering a significant wound was touched by a divine force and she cried quite noticeably. The teacher took her aside and asked her a life-changing question.  


“I see that you were incredibly touched there, and I see that you are highly intuitive. Have you ever done this work before?” Ryan said she hadn’t, which confirmed further what her new teacher was sensing. “I believe you have heightened intuitive gifts and that you’re meant to do this work not only to help yourself but to help others,” the mentor said, “if you’re interested I’ll teach you how.” So began a two-year apprenticeship in energy reading.  


Fast forward many years and Ryan leads a life of adventure, foregoing traditional employment to create life on her terms. She lived in France, England, and Brazil, and started businesses in each. Ryan grew up as a facilitator and continued to learn about herself, others, and the spiritual forces that move through the world.  


When the pandemic hit she saw her intuitive coaching practice bloom. The anxiety people were feeling in unpredictable times was elevating the call to energy work. Being creative, Ryan sensed that simply being an “energy healer” didn’t encompass all of what she is or does and set out to describe her work more authentically.


After speaking with many clients about their experiences, a common theme became clear. The value of Ryan’s work is the abstract. She takes clients far from linear thoughts into a space where they can see that which is hidden. Understanding her talents for analyzing stories as well as cultivating intuitive experience, Ryan codified the Abstract Therapie method you’re exploring now.


Her goal is to help you reconnect to the immense power of your intuition and imagination, wherein you reclaim authorship of your own story through deep intuition and practical coaching.

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