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The Abstract Therapie Method

Abstract Therapie is Intuitive Coaching.

We are all intuitive. Intuition is like a sonar that sends out guiding signals for your healing and creative path. It's just that as a kid no one emphasized this skill at home or at school. It's something you need to re-learn. Abstract Therapie teaches you how. Reigniting a relationship with this deep force to solve your real-world challenges. 


How is it different from talk therapy?

In Abstract Therapie we work through guided meditation; accessing different brain wave states as well as embodied information to help you go beyond what your mind can perceive. Connecting you to both your personal unconscious, as well as the collective unconscious of your family line and the entire human experience. 


You just need tools.

If you’ve already tried traditional therapy or coaching and left wanting something deeper, more creative or more spiritually affirming Abstract Therapie could be right for you.


It's inherently creative. 

Instead of focusing on what's wrong, Abstract Therapie affirms the creative life force within you. We give space to that which is seeking to be born from the challenges you are facing, looking at them as the clog in the pipe, while recognizing the entire system of flow that exists within you. 

Light your fire! Know your way!

Folks come to Abstract Therapie feeling burnt out, doubtful and overwhelmed. Once they see their sensitivities and blocks more clearly, they can see a path around them.



If you begin to practice, you'll be equipped with tools to re-create your mental and emotional reactions to life. Jump back into the creator's seat and drive yourself forward with a greater self-compassion, clarity and calm. 

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