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Coach for the Creative Being

Ready to overcome overwhelm, so you can get to the good stuff?

Interested in something that goes beyond talk therapy?

Join my 3-month mentorship to unstuck the life you truly want.

Who I help:

Creatives and creative thinkers who are navigating uncomfortable levels of anxiety, doubt or low self-esteem which are impeding the realization of their deepest desires. We work to clarify what is holding them back, subconsciously and consciously, so they can move forward confidently in the full spectrum experience of career, romance, family, and the most important relationship with Self.  

Empaths who are seeking tools to master their highly sensitive nature. Learning to protect and empower themselves as they move through the world. Often sensitives come to me with a sensation of overwhelm and we learn to manage the energetics of this experience until calm is the new baseline. 

Entrepreneurs in the healing arts or creative roles who desire peace and progress. Together, we find clarity and focus so you can take the next right steps in building your business. Designing your leadership style from a place of integrity and authenticity. You can do better faster when the depths of your psyche feel supported, and that's what we're here for. 

There are other ways to grow.

Abstract Therapie breaks with tradition, offering out-of-the-box coaching to the innovator in you, that part who knows what you want and is ready for the creative space, tools and psychological support to get there.

Working with:

"Before Abstract Therapie I felt trapped in negative mental patterns and like I needed new tools and support. I've learned from working with Ryan that I was loving myself with conditions and now I'm moving towards unconditional love. It has been the greatest gift and liberation. And made life so much more beautiful and fun!"

Karina Martinez Carter, Program Manager and DEI

When I found this work I felt like I was emerging out of a terrible cycle, but it was so difficult to do on my own. I didn't know how to structure myself with all the capabilities that were inside. I'd been in therapy for 3 years and felt like I just talked in circles. People would say, "Oh you should meditate," but I didn't know how. Meeting the multi-layer AT method was what I needed to find my true power."

Nahyun Kim, Artist

I was experiencing a pattern of being stuck both mentally and emotionally, that was even showing up in my body. I've always been sensitive, so energy healing just makes sense to me and feels like it has a depth and completeness that therapy doesn't. Since starting the work, my mental and psychical constriction of years has loosened up. I feel present with myself again. Able to forgive my mistakes and keep going."

Marissa McCully, Visual Artist and Business Owner

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